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What is Vessl™?

Vessl™ is a patented bottle closure, which provides instant and pressurized mixing of two ingredients immediately prior to use.

The system provides formulators and marketers with a unique opportunity to significantly enhance the functional efficacy, accuracy of dosing, mixing and sensory impact of their products.

Problem – Over time active ingredients may settle, separate, lose their efficacy and expire. In other cases, products require a complicated mixing process by the user, which is often time-consuming, prone to error and messy.

Solution – By purging oxygen from headspace and preserving the active content under pressure of an inert gas such as nitrogen, Vessl™ reduces or prevents degradation and eliminates the need for chemical preservatives in perishable items. For chemical, medical and pharmaceutical applications, the precise dosing and instant mixing provided by Vessl™ eliminates complexity and allows for revolutionary packaging systems.

What Vessl™ offers...

Vessl™ provides an exciting “Wow Factor” that serves as visual confirmation of functional, consumer or marketing claims.
Accurate Dosing
New Product
Longer Product
Shelf Life
Environmentally Friendly
High Performance
Adaptable Design

Applications and Markets

By storing the active content in the Vessl™ pressurized bottle closure, we can provide revolutionary solutions across many product ranges including beverage, food, nutraceuticals, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, household chemical and much more. Vessl™ can be customized to fit a wide array of base containers composed of plastic, PET, glass, aluminum, and many other materials.

Brands currently using Vessl™:

Tea of a Kind

No Preservatives
Gluten Free

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Artistry Signature Select Serum

New closure design for Artistry™ Signature Select™ - Personalized Serum combines the most powerful Nutrilite™ botanicals and advanced Artistry™ skincare technologies to target and treat your unique skin concerns.

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Kalvara is a healthy, natural thc-infused beverage formulated to deliver the clear and invigorating effects of cannabis, in a great-tasting drink.

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Our Capabilities

Provide Comprehensive Private Label Development:

Full R&D, branding, formulation, Vessl™filling, bottling and packaging.

Provide Turnkey Manufacturing:

Vessl™ and bottle filling & packing.

Supply Filled Vessl™:

Filled Vessl™ shipped to the customer for bottling and packing at customer site.
Call 1.855.454.4966 to order filled Vessl™ closures.

Supply unfilled Vessl™:

Provide Vessl™ closures, filling equipment and training. Customer fills and packs.
Call 1.855.454.4966 to order unfilled Vessl™ closures.

Contact Us

Contact us at 1.855.454.4966 or info@vesslinc.com to order Vessl™ closures
and to learn more about how Vessl™ can work with your product

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